Cloudstaprint's about your printspiration

                  With Cloudstaprint Live providing instant personalized prints via Mobile Photo Booth and Instagram Live Printing at weddings and events and

Cloudstaprint Shop for the freedom to be yourself through customization of your printed inspirations.


How it works

Public option: Instagram app 

With Instagram prints, live feed and hashtags, your event is more fun, social and interactive, and extends the reach of your event and branding socially during and after your event.

*Note: for all instagram printing, your guests will have to set their instagram profile to public in order to print their photos. 

How it works

Private option: Cloudstaprint app 

Cloudstaprint is created specially for your personal events eg wedding and birthday parties etc where you will have your personal private gallery accessible only to you and your invited friends to have fun with the instant prints and interactive live feed.

Well you can call it the Private "Instagram" where you won't have the concern of having all the photos of your wedding public and having to ask all your guests set their Instagram profile from private to public in order to have fun and enjoy the prints for your wedding. 

As you’ll get back all the softcopies contributed by all your guests, you have full control and choice to share all the photos or selected ones subsequently with your love ones, family and friends on your personal social media.

How it works 2

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Our Team

We are an innovator and champion for fun and engagement of mobile photography, prints and technology. Our team span from award winning photographer, veteran web and mobile developers, and champions in hospitality, entertainment and travel.



We love to engage our community with sharing our love for photography and prints. We currently run a Photography Program under the "Life Skills Program" with our friends for The Haven, a residential home for abandoned, abused and neglected children, mostly referred to The Salvation Army for care by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. Our objective is to expose and engage the kids to photography as a healthy and meaningful hobby and as a creative discipline to hone their thinking and observation process and expand their horizons. 

We welcome professionals in the creative industries to join us in our future programs as the long term goal is to prepare them for their personal growth and development after The Haven and expose them to alternate career options and work opportunities in the creative industry.

We also welcome interns who are interested in joining our fun-loving environment and has the passion for helping us on our social programs. 

Drop us an email at and we would love to invite you to our cosy place for a chat